List 1.0: Wedding


The tradition of the wedding list originates from the newly­weds need to allow relatives andfriends to take part in building a dream, a new experience called sharing life together. Thisinvolves starting off with new coordinates, carefully thought­out for durability over time. There isno definite number of items to put on a list, according to the couple’s needs these can range fromhousehold to travel articles and even Home Cinema equipment. Nowadays, seeing that distancehas been erased by internet, Salvadori gives clients the opportunity to arrange their wedding listonline where they can see and manage everything via internet in real time.

It is so easy to start a list for a wedding, a cohabitation
or a trip that anyone can do it. Come discover our
complete wedding lists.

Le nostre proposte di lista


Our Easy List includes items from prestigious brands that manage to stay inside a medium budget.

COUNTRY da 2.500,00 euro

MODERNA da 3.000,00 euro

CLASSICA da 4.000,00 euro


Our Charm List is more complete than the Easy option and is still composed of prestigious brand items.

COUNTRY da 6.800,00 euro

MODERNA da 7.000,00 euro

CLASSICA da 11.500,00 euro


Our Plus List includes even more articles, and features a series of highest­quality items.

COUNTRY da 9.000,00 euro

MODERNA da 12.000,00 euro

CLASSICA da 20.000,00 euro


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