Lists | Freedom of choice.

Salvadori has given to wedding lists a new image by creating lists 3.0. The gift list is born from the couple of involving relatives and friends to build a dream. Distances, thanks to the Internet today do not exist, therefore Salvadori from the ability to compile the list on your electronic device by requiring a password to access. or by visiting the Prato store.

List 1.0


Our idea of list was born more than 50 years ago and revisited recently to be even simpler and more accessebile. Creating a wedding list has never been so easy and fun.

List 2.0


We always work to provide customers with the services they look for, that's why during the last few years Salvadori integrates into their wedding lists, the list WEDDING + TRAVEL. Structured exactly as the modern wedding list but with the addition of a travel list.

List 3.0

Gift Card

It 'a gift card for couples who decide to join: relatives and friends can buy this card: which may have any value: and pay homage to the couple who can then choose what you want in total autonomy. Salvador' provide maximum assistance in choosing and a sates consultant will he available for every need, in addition to special treatment in the price.