The new concept of lists.
Smart, Convenient.

The wedding list originates form the newly­weds need to allow relatives and friends to take part in building a dream. Nowadays, seeing that distance has been erased by internet, Salvadori ­one of Italy’s most important stores for wedding lists – gives you the opportunity to arrange one online. This is a useful plan, especially for those who live far from Prato or who have relatives and friends who live in other cities. Therefore once the couple deposits the final list they will be able to check their choices online thanks to a special password that our store will provide for them.


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Contact us by phone at 0574.32445 or by email at to make an appointment with our consultant to discuss the advantages of a 3.0 list at Salvadori.



Once you have agreed on the kind of list you want, our experienced consultant will guide you through the different departments for an emotional selection of the products available.



After choosing the products and the type of list,  it will be published online and will be legible on all media devices. From home it will be easy and convenient to make any additions or changes that you wish



Everything takes place under your full control. Thanks to your secret and personal password you will be able to check our website to view all the movement of the list plus the names of the people making the gifts.



You the couple have complete freedom in managing their list, with an anticipated and progressive delivery of the gifts if you so prefer or else one delivery after the wedding. 



When the time limit for the list has run out, we will meet with you to decide the products you are really anxious to have at once.


At Home

If the terms of delivery have been agreed upon with the logistics office, the products will be delivered directly to your home. 

For You

Once the operations of the list have been completed, Salvadori thanks you for your trust and your business by giving the couple a GIFT CARD with a bonus amount to spend on new purchases.