Fidelity Card

Earn gifts in complete freedom

Salvadori Gift Card

Feel free to select your gift

With its GIFT CARD, Salvadori offers you complete purchasing freedom. The certificate can be freely lent to relatives or friends and each purchase is simply deducted from the previous total. Instead of an object, consider giving a gift card that will allow your loved one to choose any piece they prefer. In the case of a gift list for newly­weds or cohabitants, they automatically receive a gift card with any surplus from the purchases on the list. But anyone can discover the joy of a gift card by asking one of our store representatives.

Salvadori Privilege Card

Benefits and Promotions

Our privilege card is a fidelity option we offer our clients so that they can accumulate points and earn percentage discounts on future purchases. Keeping track of your purchasing history allows us to better serve you and keep you informed via text messages or newsletters.